Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Wedding Photo Montage (The Slide Show)

Almost every wedding will have a photo montage a.k.a. slide show. So, this post really shouldn't be news to anyone but if you haven't seen one of our photo montages, you might want to watch the video before you decide you will do it yourself or have your uncle or best friend from elementary school do it. Is there a difference? Probably. Can we do it faster? Most likely. Is ours in high definition? Definitely. 

Basically, the photo montage is a photo history of the bride and groom. Sometimes, the pictures are alternated between the bride and groom as they are growing up and sometimes they each get their own section. There is no correct way, this montage should be exactly how you want it. And usually following the growing up pictures, there will be a section of the bride and groom together through their dating, courtship, and engagement pictures (make sure to get permission from your photographer to include those pictures).

One of the most memorable photo montages I ever did was from 7-8 years ago. The couple had me put the pictures of them growing up side by side on the screen - the amazing thing about it....each picture of the bride matched the corresponding picture of the groom. I can't imagine how much time that took to put together. When their guests were watching the video, they were awestruck.

With that said, here is a photo montage from last month that I put together.
Paige & Jason - Photo Montage from Doug Larson on Vimeo.

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