Monday, April 15, 2013

Laurel & Blake - Las Vegas Wedding HIghlight Film

First off, as you watch this film, you will notice right off how much more intimate a wedding film can be when you have the dinner/luncheon filmed.  Laurel & Blake had a dinner the night before and invited all the guests to introduce themselves and say something about or to the bride and groom.  This made for some very compelling shots that I had to include in the highlight film.  Second, to film a couple that has been together for 8 years and has been apart of each others family lives during that time really made for some deep ties within the wedding.  Both families already knew each other well and that made for a fantastic wedding.  Last, but definitely not least, the love they had for each other was so evident throughout the wedding and dinner, it made my job easy.  The last shot of the film is the two of them looking at each other while they were dancing.  There was no mystery there, there was no doubt.  They are in love, they want to be together, and they would do anything to make that happen.  I was so excited at the end of the reception knowing everything that I had just captured that I could hardly wait to put it all together.  The only thing I left out of the highlight was the mother/son dance.  It was fantastic!!  But, in the end, I wanted the highlight film to be about Laurel and Blake so I have that as a separate video. You can watch it here.

Laurel + Blake - Wedding FIlm from Doug Larson on Vimeo.

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