Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Wedding Photo Montage (The Slide Show)

Almost every wedding will have a photo montage a.k.a. slide show. So, this post really shouldn't be news to anyone but if you haven't seen one of our photo montages, you might want to watch the video before you decide you will do it yourself or have your uncle or best friend from elementary school do it. Is there a difference? Probably. Can we do it faster? Most likely. Is ours in high definition? Definitely. 

Basically, the photo montage is a photo history of the bride and groom. Sometimes, the pictures are alternated between the bride and groom as they are growing up and sometimes they each get their own section. There is no correct way, this montage should be exactly how you want it. And usually following the growing up pictures, there will be a section of the bride and groom together through their dating, courtship, and engagement pictures (make sure to get permission from your photographer to include those pictures).

One of the most memorable photo montages I ever did was from 7-8 years ago. The couple had me put the pictures of them growing up side by side on the screen - the amazing thing about it....each picture of the bride matched the corresponding picture of the groom. I can't imagine how much time that took to put together. When their guests were watching the video, they were awestruck.

With that said, here is a photo montage from last month that I put together.
Paige & Jason - Photo Montage from Doug Larson on Vimeo.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Paige & Jason - Draper Temple Utah Wedding Video

What can you say about a couple that is truly in love with each other. Paige & Jason were great to work with. The wedding started the night before with the reception and then the next morning, they got married in the Draper Utah Temple. The wind was blowing, it was cold, and the sun just wasn't warming anything up, but that didn't matter - Paige & Jason were smiling the whole time and it shows in the video. One of my favorite shots was when the sun was at their backs shining so bright and I was able to create that perfect sun flare mixed between two different shots. Enjoy!!

Paige & Jason - Draper Temple from Doug Larson on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pointe Digital Keeps Growing!!!

Just an update on what we are doing. Last year we added a photo booth to our services and also Dj and Sound System services. Our main specialty is still videography and photography, these other two just fit so nicely into what we are already doing, it just made sense. The photo booth came from an idea that Davey had - he wanted to create a video booth where guests could easily record a message for the bride and groom. In the process of figuring out how to do this, we found out that it only made sense to do a photo and video booth. There are some incredible systems out there and we wanted one that did it all. From the top of the line photo booth printers and touch screen display panels, to the portableness of the booth, make ours one of the best in the state. We have taken this booth up to the top of The Canyons Resort using their gondola ski lift (that was interesting for sure). This photo booth is quick, it's easy to use, it's big, and your guests will love it.

Here is a picture from the booth at our Ward Prom.  We always bring props with our photo booth.  The printer cuts the image in half so your guests get to keep one and you get to keep one.

The Dj and sound system services are going back to our roots so to speak. When I was 14 years old in 1985, I started my own DJ company to play music at church dances. It quickly blossomed into a very successful business and we eventually had 4 systems running every weekend. Twelve years later, I couldn't see this as a way to support my family (even though I wasn't married yet) so I switched to videography and the rest is history. Three of my brothers continued DJ'ing on the side even after I made the switch and they are still at it. Last year, I purchased a small sound system to rent out for weddings because I started noticing a trend. Far too often, the sound system at the reception center or church was being used as the main sound system to dance to. While this is ok for a limited number of places, it doesn't work for most places. It is important to verify beforehand before it's too late.  I can completely understand the decision making process that goes into this - everyone is wanting to save a few extra dollars so they plug in their iPhone into the sound system with a playlist they created and voila, no more DJ. As a videographer, I can't tell you how many times this has failed. There was even one time that the bride was told that the reception center had a good sound system and all they had to do was plug in their phone.... Yea, we ended up using my small compter speakers I have hooked up to my TV that was playing the same day edit because they couldn't get it to work. Even though they still had a good time (loved that couple), I'm sure, deep down, they wish they would have hired a DJ or even rented our sound system. After a few months of just renting out the sound system, we ended up buying the rest of the equipment we needed to just start DJ'ing again.

 And just to reiterate again, our main specialty is still videography and photography, you can now hire us for our photo booth and DJ's. You can see more of our work and get more info about our company at